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    Candido Dessanti

    Hi Jonathan,

    For chart animation, you need to add the "crossfilter replay" feature flag to your server.json file and then restart the web server.

    Here's an example of a basic server.json file:

       "database": "heavyai",
       "port": "6273",
       "username": "admin",
       "password": "",
       "feature_flags": {
          "ui/hide_deprecated_chart_types": false,
          "ui/enable_crosslink_panel" : true,
          "ui/enable_linked_zoom": true,
          "ui/enable_global_custom_sql": true,
          "ui/enable_joins": true,
          "ui/enable_chart_filter_view": true,
          "ui/enable_crossfilter_replay": true

    The default location of the file is within the installation in the frontend directory (/var/lib/heavyai/frontend), and it can be modified using the --server-json parameter in the heavy.conf file.

    For detailed information on web server parameters and properties, please refer to the "configuration" or "server.json" documentation.

    Once you have completed these steps, you should find an option on charts that allows you to create a cross-filter replay, such as with bar charts.

    As an illustration, let's consider a scenario where you have a point map chart displaying the positions of NYC taxi rides and a combo chart using a TIMESTAMP as a dimension, like the example below:

    Clicking in the kebab menu of the combo chart a cross-filter replay control is added
    Then we can use the new controls to apply a cross filter to entire map
    Let me know if this is what you were looking for. 


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    Pollack, Jonathan

    This is helpful but I am looking for the animation to show a breadcrumb trail (or tail).  Is that possible?

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    Candido Dessanti

    Ah, okay. So, if I understand correctly, you're looking for an object that, given a starting value, will draw all the points within an interval with a consistently increasing end.
    We haven't such as object, but we can doing similar manually conrtrolled using sql custom filters and parameters.
    Whil this isn't the best dataset we can use, I buolt up a dashboard using the airplanes radar track data create a point map using an arrow as a symbol showinf the bearing of the airlplane

    We create a parameter of type custom with an arbitrary interval of 600 and we add to the dashboard

    Then in the filter pane we can add a filter using the parameter we created

    Using the parameter control we can choose how many radar ping draw in the map




    Unluckly we haven't an "animated" slider right now, but I can open a feature request.


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