Upgrading to 7.0.2 and license not retrieved



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    Gianfranco Campana

    Adding that the .license file is also into /var/lib/heavyai/storage (mine is a docker/jupyter config on ubuntu).

    In addition downgrading to 7.0.1 does not solve the problem.

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    Gianfranco Campana

    Well, it turns out that the message was misleading: in this case there is no problem with the license topic at all.

    In the container log I find:

    Server Error: Whitelisted root path "/var/share/ingesting/" does not exist.

    The culprit is, every time an upgrade is made (I'm using a yml file) the container is recreated, and the whitelisted path is lost.

    The issue can be solved by entering the container and recreating the missing path: either way fast enough before the next crash, or disabling temporary the whitelist dir into /var/lib/heavyai/heavy.conf commenting the allowed-import-paths line.

    Once the path is recreated into the container also the "Unable to find or retrieve license: " message in heavy_web_server logfile is gone and everything works fine.

    I think an improvement would be avoiding throwing such a message in this scenario: this would also avoid some useless license troubleshooting.







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