Run out of slots in the query output buffer



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    Gianfranco Campana

    Just happened again ^_^

    I lost my dashboard - there is no way to re-enter and edit the dashboard that doesn't open because this error.

    After this, i proceeded to upgrade to version  6.4.0, and the dashboard worked again.
    This makes me think that next time I could delete and re-pull the container as a workaround (???).

    Anyway some other details on this issue:in the dashboard there are several charts built on a 160K rows and about 30 columns table, and a view with 1000 rows 2 columns created on the same table.

    The query the failed this time with "Run out of slots  in the query output buffer"  is the query that create the view:

          PG_DATE_TRUNC('DAY', dataora) AS giorno,
          COUNT(utente) AS c
        GROUP BY
          PG_DATE_TRUNC('DAY', dataora)


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    Candido Dessanti

    Hi Gianfranco Campana,


    Thanks for joining the new community; I'm sorry for this late reply. I missed the notification about those messages.

    To mitigate this error, you can try setting the parameter use-estimator-result-cache to false.

    Can you get the queries that are causing this error? When using immerse, you can get the queries by activating the SQL logging feature in the browser following this procedure.

    • Open the developer tools (typically using the f12 key on the browser), go into the console, and type window.SQLlogging(true).
    • After that, reload the page (typically F5) to enable the property.

    You should see the fired queries directly in the console.
    Or you can send us directly the logs of the product taking them from the filesystem or getting the last one from immerse following this URL https://[your_instance]:6273/logs/info

    Let me know if you are still having the issue.



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    Gianfranco Campana

    Thank you Candido,

    I already intercepted the query and reproduced the error outside Immerse, it's the query I reported in the last message. Thanks anyway for the hints, I' ll give a try to use-estimator-result-cache parameter.


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