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    Candido Dessanti

    Hi @dipanwita2019,

    As today omniscidb doesn't support bitwise operators like AND, OR, SHIFT.

    I think implements them with standard syntax; it's not an easy task because of the calcite implementation.

    Anyway, you can try to use this script that would define AND/OR/RIGHT SHIFT/LEFT SHIFT/NOT as UDF (User Defined Functions)

    the operations defined are

    • bitwise_or
    • bitwise_and
    • bitwise_lshift
    • bitwise_rshift
    • bitwise_xor
    • bitwise_not

    udf_bitwise.txt|attachment (2,4 KB) to use them, you have to place the file into the server and rename into udf_bitwise.cpp where omnisci is running, then run omnisci server adding 2 udf parameters e.g.

    /omnisci_server --data /mapd_storage/data_test/ --udf "/mapd_storage/udf_bitwise.cpp" --enable-runtime-udf true if running omniscidb as a service you have to add the UDF and ENABLE-RUNTIME-UDF into omnisci.conf file

    all functions except bitwise_not take 2 arguments.

    select bitwise_and(depdelay,arrdelay),bitwise_or(depdelay,arrdelay),bitwise_xor(depdelay,arrdelay),bitwise_lshift(depdelay,2),bitwise_rshift(depdelay,2),bitwise_not(depdelay),depdelay from flights_sk;

    everything looks to works on projections, aggregates when running the server in CPU mode, but there could be issues in GPU mode.

    Anyway, take this solution as a temporary one.

    I just changed the udf_bitwise.txt file, with corrections needed to run on a Gpu Build. I forgot to say, that to be able to use UDF on database clang has to be installed into the system

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