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    Candido Dessanti

    Thanks for the kind words about immerse @jmboehm,

    We are aware of the problem, and we are thinking about how to solve that. I guess that right now, we are exporting the underlying data of each type of chart in the same way, so what is ok for most of the chart types doesn't fit the table chart.

    Your idea about exporting the query used to populate the chart is clever, but in my opinion, could be also a little dangerous and tricky in case you are. The query run to populate le latest rows would be something like that

    SELECT date_trunc(month, flights_sk_orig.dep_timestamp) AS key0,flights_sk_orig.airplanes_sk AS key1,flights_sk_orig.arr_airport_fk AS key2,AVG(arrdelay) AS col0 FROM flights_sk_orig GROUP BY key0, key1, key2 ORDER BY col0 DESC NULLS LAST LIMIT 100 OFFSET 0

    changing the limit to one the configuration parameter would work, but a user could remove and/or raise that limit in a significant way, getting watchdog exception or stalling the system with a long-running query.

    anyway very thanks for your suggestions, they are very appreciated, and we will reach you hen that annoying problem will be settled.

    Regards, Candido

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